Villa Misericordia Dei is founded by Msgr. Prof. J.B. Akam as a home for the homeless and very comfortable abode for orphans and destitutes.

Villa Misericordia Dei means, a home where God’s mercy is practiced.

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Our Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Villa Misericordia Dei is to give maximum opportunity for the development of Children With Disability within the restraints of our financial budget. The objective is that these children become everything they are capable of becoming, as contributing members of society.

Our Vision

We have a vision of a socially just, accessible and inclusive community, in which the human rights, belonging, contribution, potential and diversity of all people with disability are recognised, respected and celebrated with pride.

Our Mission

To create meaningful opportunities for social and economic development of the Persons with Disability so that they gain dignity, equity and self-confidence in life.

Our Purpose

Our purpose as a leading disability rights, advocacy and representative organisation of and for all people with disability, is to strive for the realisation of our vision of a socially just, accessible and inclusive community.

This is Villa Misericordia Dei

Villa Misericordia Dei is at the front line to support children with disabilities. The majority of children with disabilities in rural areas have no access to any kind of rehabilitation services. We observed that there is no close attention and supervision to their education and health needs. The children are regarded as a burden to their families and often suffer discrimination. Their personal hygiene is often in pathetic conditions as little attention and care is accorded to them.


Villa Misericordia Dei          Villa Misericordia Dei
Some of the Beneficiaries of Villa Misericordia Dei

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Villa Misericordia Dei  Villa Misericordia Dei  Villa Misericordia Dei